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9 Movements - Kasper Staub

Kasper Staub's follow-up on the solo album Aisle Arch Attic (2016) is entitled 9 movements. The album, that is to be released on Aarhus-label Jaeger Community Music, contains nine short vignettes for piano, who all come to life in a meditative and genre-defying strive for beauty. The music explores the presence and movements of the now as well as the form of the stillness with nature and human motion as a core theme.

Kasper Staub (piano).

Produced by Kasper Staub. Mix: Anders Ørbæk. Master: Emil Thomsen. 

Kasper Staub _piano

“It was no surprise to fall in love with Kasper's compositions on piano. The music is romantic, melancholic and soothing. Regular motifs appear when you are least expecting them. It was likely I would find his solo work enchanting, and that is how it came to pass.”

- Simon Raymonde, Cocteau Twins

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