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Karmen Rõivassepp Quartet


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„The bandleader’s vocals are striking in their purity, her range and her pitching impressive. And she’s harmonically inventive when decorating melodies with intricate, scat-sung phrases [...]“

- Thomas Rees, Downbeat Magazine (2018)

Karmen Rõivassepp _vocals

Simon Eskildsen _piano

Adrian Christensen _bass

Daniel Sommer _drums

Karmen Rõivassepp Quartet is a young and prominent jazz quartet based in Aarhus, Denmark. Ever since their debut in 2018 they have continued to grow a solid audience all around Denmark, with prospects of breaking through into the European scene. Their debut album „Dance of Sounds“ brought them a nomination at the Danish Music Awards Jazz 2018 for „The New Jazz Artist of the Year“.

The quartet is constantly developing and in these days veering a bit further from their common language of jazz tradition, showcasing the more reflective, moody and melancholic contemporary jazz style. In the process of finding their distinct sound, the band has experimented with anything from through-composed material to complete freedom and open improvisation.


No matter what the occasion, one can expect to hear striking vocal purity, great musical interplay intertwined with sophisticated melodies and harmonies when these four young jazz musicians step on the stage.



This album is a natural addition to the debut Dance of Sounds released in 2018, displaying the maturity of style, storytelling and musical interaction. The music deals with intriguing topics of anxiety and abuse as well as politics and questionable love, which altogether sets the sentimental state of mind for the whole record. „Breathe“ is definitely a playful, yet thoughtful and reflective contemporary jazz album.

breathe cover.jpg


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