Kasper Staub Trio


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Originally formed in 2009 by bassplayer and composer Jens Mikkel, I Think You're Awesome dove into an indiejazz ocean, combining afrobeats, country-licks, free improv, contemporary classical music and pop in a thrilling mix.
Their first LP Løft Mig Op Så Jeg Kan Nå from 2014 was followed by Books & Books Live in 2016 and Kiss Your Darlings & The Acoustic Kiss Your Darlings EP in 2018. All releases have achieved massive airplay in danish national radio P8 Jazz and helped the band sell out concerts throughout all of Denmark. They have performed on the Copenhagen and Aarhus Jazz Festivals, played live on national television, collaborated with among many others Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Danish Radio BigBand, danish trombone-legend Ole Fessor Lindgren, saxophone-master Christian Vuust and bigband-arranger-wizard Signe Bisgaard. All in all they are one of the most exiting bands to emerge from the vibrant danish jazz scene within the last 10 years.

Kasper Staub _piano

Anders Vestergaard _drums

Jens Mikkel _double bass


The debut album by the trio, displaying the telepathic interplay in the group. They've found a sound of a lyrical, modern romantic nature, with a minimalistic approach, which shows in their future releases. 


"At heart of it all, however, is a singing lyricism and Staub's greatest strength is still his ability to craft airy and memorable melodies. Together with his trio, he is able to move in any possible direction. Havnepladen isn't a safe call, but a bold statement from a trio that has already found its own sound and has begun to test its own musical boundaries." - Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz.


‘Strøg’ points out a new direction to the trio. The entire album opens with the actual soundcheck (‘Zoom Out’), an improvised playing-around, that accidentally was being recorded during the session. It’s as if the grammophone needle was being dropped down somewhere in the middle of the record. This kind of sudden, unconcerned and liberated state of mind set an ideal mood for the album, that was recorded in two separate days during fall 2016.

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