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Dan Hjorth - DAMA DAMA


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The piano trio DAMA DAMA finds itself at the crossroads between the recognizable and the abstract. The trio draws the listener into Dan Hjorth's expressive and modern acoustic sound universe.

Dan Hjorth, Jens Mikkel and Thomas Eiler operate as a close-knit and responsive unit, and threads are drawn to both Scandinavian and American jazz as well as European classical music - seasoned with avant-garde elements.


In DAMA DAMA they come together for their love of improvisation, the intuitive, heartfelt and beautiful.

DAMA DAMA means fallow deer. The fallow deer is a central figure in mythologies from all over the world. It acts as a shape-shifter, messenger and bringer of good luck - but also as an enemy in disguise. As an archetypal beauty we all share across cultures and nationalities. The music encapsulates the many aspects of the encounter with this mythical creature. Through Dan Hjorth's compositions and collective improvisation, the nature of the music is both lyrical, beautiful, gloomy, energetic, swinging and groovy.

Dan Hjorth _piano

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Thomas Eiler _drums

Dan Hjorth

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