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Malthe Jepsen

“I love the freedom that lies in conveying the material so that one can play meaningful passages that are both fragile and more powerful." - Malthe Jepsen

Malthe Jepsen releases his debut album 'Fluidity' May 2021 as a solo artist. 


"Fluidity contains both compositions with elements of improvisation and free interludes. I thought it could be very interesting to use live effects during the recording process because it adds another sonic dimension to the music, furthermore it is also exciting to play with effect pedals as I respond to them in the present and therefore do not have a clear idea of ​​how the expression gets shaped before the process is over. After I had made up my mind, it was quite obvious to grab hold of Kasper Staub as producer and sparring partner on the project. Kasper himself has fantastic solo records on his conscience, where he also uses effect pedals together with a grand piano.

The music moves within jazz and improvisational music, people and some kind of ambient. I have been very fond of static surfaces lately, and I have also tried to embrace this in both my compositions and in particular in the free interludes." - Malthe Jepsen


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Fluidity is Malthe Jepsen's debut album.

The music conveys a unique sense of time and approaches the solo format with clear intention, openness and a playful mind.

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