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180 gr LP in black vinyl.


Applause is a live recording made during the first corona lockdown in May 2020. It is a document of the joy in the process, the will for the music and the dedication to the communication of life's most important emotions.

More specifically, it is cellist Maria Isabel Edlund's debut concert, and now in this medium a debut release in her own name. It is classical music that focuses on expression more than perfection, more on process than reward. The artistic level is of course sky high. The recording shows a cellist with a distinct understanding of his instrument and of the music being played.


The album features cello sonats by baroque composer Giovanni Benedetto Platti, Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Russian composer Alfred Schnittke. An artistic curation spanding from the baroque to present time.


Coverart: "Flayed alive after losing a musical contest to the god Apollo, the satyr Marsuas screams in the midst of his torture." - Met Museum

Layout by Kasper Vindeløv / Winthelove Studio

LP: Applause

Varenr.: JCM054LP
kr 150,00Pris
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