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Gorm Askjær Trio


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With this trio I have found the perfect home for my guitar playing and compositions in interplay with two great musicians, who I've been playing with for many years. The trio format gives us the space to play with the tunes in a free way, and we enjoy playing fixed compositions with an open approach. We mostly play original compositions but some jazz standards and other materials also find their way into the mix.

About the musicians:

In 2012 guitarist and composer Gorm Askjær released the well-received album Tusmørkedyr (which in Danish means something like Animals of Twilight) with his trio Sammensurium feat. New-yorker saxophonist Michael Blake. Since then, he has made his mark as a composer for classical ensembles, cross-artistic collaborative projects and works with site-specific musical experiences


Jens Mikkel Madsen is a sought after jazz bassist who has received a great deal of attention in recent years in a variety of contexts including in orchestras such as I Think You're Awesome, Kasper Staub Trio and Live Foyn Friis Quartet.


Thomas Eiler is a hard-hitting and nuanced drummer with attitude and personality. He has success with the band SVIN, moving in the borderland between abstract rock, drone-based folklore and ambient noise.

Gorm Askjær _guitar and composition

Jens Mikkel Madsen _double bass

Thomas Eiler _drums


The music is intimate and the trio interprets the moods of the different compositions vividly and playfully. Within the framework of the compositions, there is a great deal of freedom for each musician and the result is exciting and flowing music with both humor, gravity, swing, celebration, reflection, tradition and innovation.

EP containing outtakes from the album 'Blodmånen og Dig' (The Bloodmoon and You).

The title track is a playful tribute to the green oases in our cities - and is composed after a particularly atmospheric trip through the Botanical Garden in Aarhus, Denmark. The trio also plays a version of the song All Is Well, which originally comes from the American church choir tradition Sacred Harp, but has also been sung by singer-songwriter Sam Amidon.



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