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Kasper Staub

"Staub plays the piano like a landscape unfolding. Little narratives played on a piano that feels like it has lived a whole life and now stops while looking across the horizon." 

- Jakob Baekgaard, ALL ABOUT JAZZ 

In 2016, Kasper Staub releases the solo album "Aisle Arch Attic", which consists of nine short pieces for piano. The music moves in a relentless and beauty-seeking universe. 

Kasper Staub is a composer, pianist and songwriter - currently most active with the acclaimed indie band Lowly, who released the debut album "Heba" at the international record company Bella Union in the spring of 2017. In addition,  they've released two critically acclaimed trio albums - "/" (2012) and "Havnepladen” (2014).


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Aisle Arch Attic is the title of pianist and composer Kasper Staub’s solo piano debut album.

The album contains nine short pieces for piano, unfolding in a genreless and beauty-striving universe of sound.

All tracks have come to life as spontaneous compositions in the studio and recorded directly on reel-to-reel tape recorder, which has brought a strong focus and presence to the process of recording.

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Kasper Staub's follow-up on the solo album Aisle Arch Attic (2016) is entitled 9 movements. The album contains nine short vignettes for piano, who all come to life in a meditative and genre-defying strive for beauty.

The music explores the presence and movements of the now as well as the form of the stillness with nature and human motion as a core theme.



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