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Niels Munk


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Danish trumpeter/composer Niels Munk is releasing his debut album titled Fantasilaboratoriet (LP/CD/Stream) on January 15th 2021. After having studied abroad in the scandinavian countries, Niels Munk returns to his roots in the northern part of Denmark, inspired by Christian Scott amongst others, and channeling the inspiration from the scandinavian nature into his first release. As the name implies the music is an experiment, as the 4-piece group funnels their individual musicalities into very open compositions.

Niels Munk _trumpet & flugelhorn


The fantasy laboratory is a creative space that explores the today so overlooked imagination. Motivated to invite the spiritual and practical value of art to the Fantasy Laboratory musicians and listeners into a naked, warm, honest and loving community. The project's drummer Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen, known for his innovative drumming in the project “Athletic Progression”, shows a modern and unique rhythmic language which draws clear threads into the universes of hip hop. Bassist Jens Mikkel Madsen has many through his project "I Think You're Awesome" years of experience in the creative and imaginative profession, and has cemented in recent years as one of the country's strongest creative forces. His musical spirit reflects one calm creature, a friend who has been taken with the Fantasy Laboratory on an adventure. Dan Hjort Jensen is a virtuoso pianist, also with many years of experience in jazz. 



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