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Jacob Djursaa


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Jacob Djursaa is a Danish guitarist, currently living in Aarhus. He is mainly influenced by Jazz and improvised music, but he has a big interest for twentieth century classical European music and folk, which shows in his harmonic and melodic sensitivity.

Jacob Djursaa has studied at the renowned conservatories in Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus. He has also had the privilege of taking private classes with respected musicians such as Ben Monder, Lage Lund, and Chris Cheek in New York City, and also Mike Stern Gilad Hekselman.

Noteworthy collaborations include Jacob Djursaa’s participation with the esteemed Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Rahel Talts Ensemble, Oleksandr Kolosii Quartet, BRØK, and many more.

In anticipation of his upcoming record, Jacob Djursaa aims to present his artistic vision and instrumental finesse to a broader audience. The band consist of the great danish Jazz musicians Thomas Fryland (trumpet), Dan Hjorth (piano), Samuel Kiel (double bass) and Nikolaj Bangsgaard (drums). 

Jacob Djursaa _guitar & electronics

Dan Hjorth _piano

Samuel Kiel _double bass

Nikolaj Bangsgaard _drums

Thomas Fryland _trumpet

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