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Johannes Gammelgaard Kvartett


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Johannes Gammelgaard is a Danish saxophonist and composer, who since January 2017 has lived in Stockholm and been active on the city's jazz scene. In this Nordic quartet, he has gathered three of the city's most creative and prominent young musicians to play his own melodic compositions.


Based on Gammelgaard's compositions, the quartet plays with energy, momentum and humor. The melodies are at the center and create associations to both high school songs and the music most people know from Pippi Longstocking and Emil from Lønneberg. At the same time, improvisation plays an important role in the music, and the musicians communicate with great profit and wealth of ideas. For the most part, the music radiates joy and optimism, but in certain tracks you will even get a glimpse of Nordic melancholy.

Johannes Gammelgaard _tenor saxophone

Karl Wallmyr _trumpet 

Mauritz Agnas _double bass

Arild Wahl _drums & percussion


Released April 9th. 2021

The music sounds like a mixture of 60's jazz and the Danish song tradition that Gammelgaard grew up with. This combination creates a completely personal sound, which has been described as "very Scandinavian".

The album was recorded in the Swedish saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar's studio, and contains guest appearances by Isak Hedtjärn on metal clarinet and Love Meyerson on accordion, thus giving associations to the sound of Swedish folk music. The front of the album is adorned with the danish Asger Jorn's painting Midsummer Play.

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