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Originally formed in 2009 by bassplayer and composer Jens Mikkel, I Think You're Awesome dove into an indiejazz ocean, combining afrobeats, country-licks, free improv, contemporary classical music and pop in a thrilling mix.
Their first LP Løft Mig Op Så Jeg Kan Nå from 2014 was followed by Books & Books Live in 2016 and Kiss Your Darlings & The Acoustic Kiss Your Darlings EP in 2018. All releases have achieved massive airplay in danish national radio P8 Jazz and helped the band sell out concerts throughout all of Denmark. They have performed on the Copenhagen and Aarhus Jazz Festivals, played live on national television, collaborated with among many others Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Danish Radio BigBand, danish trombone-legend Ole Fessor Lindgren, saxophone-master Christian Vuust and bigband-arranger-wizard Signe Bisgaard. All in all they are one of the most exiting bands to emerge from the vibrant danish jazz scene within the last 10 years.

Lars Fiil _piano and synth

Alex Jønsson _guitar

Morten Kærup _guitar and banjo

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Andreas Skamby _drums

Frej Lesner _percussion and electronics


Our first album Løft Mig Op Så Jeg Kan Nå (Lift me up so I can reach) was recorded a spring evening in an old theater in Aarhus. It is a record that shows our love for americana, folk tones and free improvisation. There are groovy passages, wide sonic brush strokes and lyrical melodies mixed with slightly edgy improvisation here and there.
It is a record about how we can do much more with the help of each other, than we dare to dream about.

The EP is consisting of three live recordings. Each tune introduces its own mood and universe.

Like thunderous rain on a lush field, "Dots" combines what might at first seem like peaceful serenity with a vigorous, uneasy feeling, driven by strong, chromatic saxophone-lines and pulsating drumbeats. Featuring saxophonist Maria Dybbroe, the quintet explores new sonic territory. 

Kiss Your Darlings is written on a cheap acoustic guitar in the living room of the collective I moved into after my wife and I had been living three years in Malmö.

We had returned home after her studies, and I myself was working on a rather anxious and depressed period. So it feels right for the first time to put words to the tunes I wrote.

The acoustic EP features new versions of selected tunes of the Kiss Your Darlings album. A warm and intimate sound is produced by the chamber quartet, and supports the vocal beautifully. 


The recording is a seven-part suite honoring not only the marriage between ITYA-bandleader, composer and bassplayer Jens Mikkel and Taïga String Quartet cellist Maria Edlund, but also the marriage between the two groups in their quest for beautiful and mocing music.


It is not meant as an overly romantic celebration of love but as a description of relationships, romantic and otherwise between humans, people and nature, arts and crafts. It is filled with joy and positivity but also doubt, despair and anxiety – like all good relationships and all good music.