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Kiss Your Darlings + Acoustic EP

- I Think You're Awesome

Kiss Your Darlings encourages you to kiss the ones and the things you like. Hold on to yourself and do what you love with who you love.

Lars Fiil _piano and synth

Alex Jønsson _guitar

Morten Kærup _guitar and banjo

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Andreas Skamby _drums

Frej Lesner _percussion and electronics


Maria Malmø _vocals

Mirja Klippel _vocals

Maria Isabel Edlund _cello

Mathias Jæger _piano and synth

Christian Vuust _tenor saxophone

Jens Christian "Chappe" Jensen _tenor saxophone

Kiss Your Darlings is written on a cheap acoustic guitar in the living room of the collective I moved into after my wife and I had been living three years in Malmö.

We had returned home after her studies, and I myself was working on a rather anxious and depressed period. So it feels right for the first time to put words to the tunes I wrote.


It is the same old cliche - the music became a therapeutic agent and at the same time a medium in which I could convey my gratitude to my wife for her support, patience and inspiring being.

At the same time, the record contains some of the most optimistic instrumental tones we have committed, and it even provided us with a DMA JAZZ nomination for best album in 2018.

I am very proud of the album and think it contains some of the most intense and mature we have performed as a band.

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Maria Isabel Edlund _cello

Christian Balvig _piano and synth

Christian Vuust _reeds

The acoustic EP features new versions of selected tunes of the Kiss Your Darlings album. A warm and intimate sound is produced by the chamber quartet, and supports the vocal beautifully. 

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