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Løft Mig Op Så Jeg Kan Nå

- I Think You're Awesome

Kiss Your Darlings encourages you to kiss the ones and the things you like. Hold on to yourself and do what you love with who you love.

Kasper Staub _fender rhodes and synth

Alex Jønsson _guitar

Morten Kærup _guitar and banjo

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Andreas Skamby _drums


Maria Isabel Edlund _cello

Scott Westh _trumpet

Jens Bang _trombone

The EP is consisting of three live recordings. Each tune introduces its own mood and universe.

Like thunderous rain on a lush field, "Dots" combines what might at first seem like peaceful serenity with a vigorous, uneasy feeling, driven by strong, chromatic saxophone-lines and pulsating drumbeats. Featuring saxophonist Maria Dybbroe, the quintet explores new sonic territory. 

The magic moments got captured by Anders Ørbæk & Michell Smedegaard Boysen. See the opening track, Dots, in the video below. 

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