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"The Good Fight is a piece by I Think You’re Awesome and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. It is instrumental music that aims to capture the feelings of hope, anxiety, confusion and joy. Maybe we can actually solve the climate crisis? Maybe my kids are growing up in a world that is much worse than the one I've been in?

I've been writing The Good Fight for over two years - it's been existing as everything from intimate trio versions, played by the original cast in I Think You's Awesome, and now in its final form of I Think You's Awesome and the big band Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. The work arose after a talk with Karsten Bech from 'Jazz in Trekanten' in Kolding, Denmark, where we discussed the artistic potential of climate change, and the role of music in solving and perhaps first and foremost conveying the change and change we are facing."
- Jens Mikkel Madsen, bandleader & composer


I Think You’re Awesome

Lars Fiil, keys
Alex Jønsson, guitar
Morten Kærup, guitar & banjo
Frej Lesner, electronic percussion
Andreas Skamby, drums
Jens Mikkel Madsen, bass

Aarhus Jazz Orchestra

Mads Bærentzen (piano)
Kasper Wagner (alt sax)
Johan Toftegaard (alt sax)
Michael Bladt (ten sax)
Cesar Joaniquet (ten sax)
Michael Olsen (bari sax)
Lars Vissing (trp)
Jan Lynggaard Sørensen (trp)
Lars Søberg (trp)
Jakob Sørensen (trp)
Stefan Ringive (trb)
Tobias Stavngaard (trb)
Jonathan Bruun Meyer (trb)
Henrik Resen (b-trb)


Artwork by Simon Gorm Eskildsen

Digital: The Good Fight

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