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'Suite to be You and Me' further expands the special blend of sounds in the band. I Think You're Awesome melts together with the string quartet in an effortless cooperation.

Lars Fiil _piano and synth

Alex Jønsson _guitar

Morten Kærup _guitar and banjo

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Andreas Skamby _drums

Frej Lesner _percussion and electronics


Taïga String Quartet:

Louise Gorm & Jessica Ling _Violin
Madlen Breckbill _Viola
Maria Isabel Edlund _Cello

Suite To Be You And Me by I Think You’re Awesome and the Berlin-based Taïga String Quartet. It is a seven-part suite honoring not only the marriage between ITYA-bandleader, composer and bassplayer Jens Mikkel and Taïga String Quartet cellist Maria Edlund, but also the marriage between the two groups in their quest for beautiful and mocing music.


It is not meant as an overly romantic celebration of love but as a description of relationships, romantic and otherwise between humans, people and nature, arts and crafts. It is filled with joy and positivity but also doubt, despair and anxiety – like all good relationships and all good music.


Suite To Be You And Me is the first of three albums to be released by the band in 2020. All will showcase one of the bands many co-labs. On this album they team up with Taïga String Quartet – a Berlin based string quartet focusing on new music with expertise and curiosity. 


It was recorded in may 2019 by August Wanngren and Jacob Worm. Mixed by August Wanngren, mastered by Emil Thomsen. Artwork was done by Simon Eskildsen.

I Think You're Awesome & Taïga String Quartet: Part I -The Distance

I Think You're Awesome & Taïga String Quartet: Part I -The Distance

Afspil video
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