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Books & Books Live - I Think You're Awesome

We call the music indiejazz. It’s playful, melodic, full of rhythm and groove and with an open ear for improvisation, but also drawing on inspiration from the harmony, melodies and most of all sound and feel of modern pop music.

Kasper Staub (studio)_piano and synth

Lars Fiil (live)_piano and synth

Alex Jønsson _guitar

Morten Kærup _guitar and banjo

Jens Mikkel _double bass and synth

Andreas Skamby _drums

Frej Lesner _percussion

March 2016 sees 'I Think You’re Awesome' releasing their two new albums Books and Books Live. The CD’s are preceded by a video-concert/documentary of the entire Books repertoire recorded at my, bandleader, bass player and composer Jens Mikkel Madsen’s childhood home.


The CD’s and video features the same 7 songs in different versions. All the tunes a loosely inspired by passages in some of my favorite Books, hence the name. Where the group’s first release “Løft mig op, så jeg kan nå” (Translates: Lift me up so I can reach) was a statement on how we need our friends and family to help us achieve our goals and dreams, and how we shouldn’t think any less of ourselves when accepting this help, “Books” is about how our shared cultural heritage as human beings from books, music, art and all the other things men and women use to express themselves, is an endless source of inspiration and means to understand our own being.


The reason for the joined release of both the live and studio-material is, that none of the records in itself paints the entire picture of I Think You’re Awesome. Being a group of both prominent Danish jazz- and pop musicians both the studio-work with its attention to detail in sound and layers and the freer vibe of a live- concert comes natural, and I think the tunes come to life in different ways in the different settings, and that it would feel unnatural not to show both sides of the band with these releases.

Live sessions in Langaa, bandleader Jens Mikkel's childhood home. 

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