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180 gr LP of black vinyl.


Bagland is now ready with their fourth album States of Being. On this release Bagland further develops their sound, which is rooted in nordic jazz. Since the album Cirkel in 2019, the group has integrated electronic audio sources. Bagland explores the genre's framework with synthesizer, effect pedals and electric bass and taps into a playful electronic universe that still has clear references rooted in the nordic sound.


Artwork photo by danish photographer Kirsten Klein.


“It is a strong album that once and for all places them at the very top of Danish jazz right now”

Niels Overgaard -


"…After all, the atmosphere on States of Being is beautiful and thoughtful, the sounds do not overrule each other but leaves space to let each harmonic breathe"

Off Topic - Riccardo Talamazzi


"With this release, I feel we are expanding the understanding of Nordic jazz, which all the time hovers between the abstract and tangible"

Jakob Bækgaard - All About Jazz


LP: States Of Being

Varenr.: JCM068LP
kr 150,00Pris
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