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En Særlig Gåtur I Parken - Gorm Askjær Trio

EP containing outtakes from the album 'Blodmånen og Dig' (The Bloodmoon and You).

The title track is a playful tribute to the green oases in our cities - and is composed after a particularly atmospheric trip through the Botanical Garden in Aarhus, Denmark. The trio also plays a version of the song All Is Well, which originally comes from the American church choir tradition Sacred Harp, but has also been sung by singer-songwriter Sam Amidon.

Also available at Bandcamp 👉

released October 23, 2020

Coverart made by Simon Gorm Eskildsen.

Gorm Askjær _guitar and composition

Jens Mikkel Madsen _double bass

Thomas Eiler _drums

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