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Blodmånen og Dig - Gorm Askjær Trio

Gorm Askjær Trio brings together three Danish jazz musicians who have played together for years in different orchestras, but are now heard for the first time simply as a trio. Their first album Blodmånen og Dig (The Blood Moon and You) is released in May 2020 on Jaeger Community Music. The music is intimate and the trio interprets the moods of the different compositions vividly and playfully. Within the framework of the compositions, there is a great deal of freedom for each musician and the result is exciting and flowing music with both humor, gravity, swing, celebration, reflection, tradition and innovation.

Coverart made by Simon Gorm Eskildsen.

Gorm Askjær _guitar and composition

Jens Mikkel Madsen _double bass

Thomas Eiler _drums

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