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Strog cover credit Linnea Slipsager.jpg

‘Strøg’ translates into ‘Stroke’ or ‘Strokes’, that would symbolize the trio’s approach to the album.

The tunes are like twelve strokes from a painter’s brush, strokes that would need to be extremely focused and relaxed at the same time.

Kasper Staub _piano

Jens Mikkel _double bass

Anders Vestergaard _drums

‘Strøg’ is the third album from the trio consisting of Kasper Staub, Jens Mikkel and Anders Vestergaard. The musicians are known as members of bands such as Lowly, Fabel, Yes Deer, Jacob Anderskov Trio, I Think You’re Awesome and Cancer.

The trio was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in 2010, and released their debut album ‘/’ in 2012 and was mentioned one of the best danish debut albums that year. Next album, ‘Havnepladen’, was released in 2014. It was distributed as just 100 12” copies in old, reversed record sleeves with handmade serigraphic print on each one of them.

‘Strøg’ points out a new direction to the trio. The entire album opens with the actual soundcheck (‘Zoom Out’), an improvised playing-around, that accidentally was being recorded during the session. It’s as if the grammophone needle was being dropped down somewhere in the middle of the record. This kind of sudden, unconcerned and liberated state of mind set an ideal mood for the album, that was recorded in two separate days during fall 2016.

We find super minimalist, cyclic tunes such as ‘Aero’ and ‘Lent’, small rubato vignettes like ‘Dendrite’ and ”Zoom In’, groovy beats in ‘Felt’ and ‘Silk St’, beautiful waltsy ballads ‘An Ocean From Here’ and ‘Wave Train’ before the album closes with the powerful one-note composition ‘Ding’.

Video for the tune Ding. 

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