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Bagland - Bagland

The name Bagland is the danish word for constituency. It referes to the importance of remembering the cornerstone from where it was built, and the support from back home.

Bagland is the debut album by Aarhus-based trumpeter Jakob Sørensen.

Bagland is also the name of the quintet consisting of five musicians, who all have their roots based in the scandinavian sound.

The music is composed in a deserted house on the countryside of Denmark among dunes and windy weather. The music is clearly marked by that. Lyrical and melancholic melodies characterizes the compositions and the sound is clean and fragile with obvious reference to the nordic sound.


The pictures from the awarded photographer Kirsten Klein has been used for the cover – which unites the music with the melancholic evocative pictures. It creates clear references to the Scandinavian sound.

Jakob Sørensen _trumpet

Alex Jønsson _guitar
Mathias Jæger _piano

Frederiks Sakham _double bass

Frej Lesner _drums

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