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I Just Came From The Moon has a homogeneous and highly personal expression. The music ranges from the very intimate and fragile, to the all-embracing and challenging, where the strong solo performances and compositions invite the listener to an organic and lyrical universe.

Hoax is the result of an intensive six months, where the band has played concerts in most of Denmark and achieved a unique sound that embraces and extends bassist Frederik Hagner’s compositions. The music is an expression of a collective musical flow that covers everything from country ballads to ostinato-based improvisation.


The album is released digitally and on 12″ vinyl and enclosed by Kasper Knudsen’s intense painting.

Jonas Scheffler _trumpet

Nis Hellerøe Myrtue _tenor saxophone

Nikolaj Bugge _guitar

Tobias Andreasen _drums

Frederik Hagner _double bass

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