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The album releases November 12th


Having worked within a wide variety of genres, guitarist Sune Pors approaches writing and playing in an intuitive way, freed from the stylistic baggage that comes with a string quartet or an electric guitar. While he has performed mainly as a sideman and member of various bands for many years, his own music become an increasingly important part of his musical life, seeking to channel his love of all kinds of contrasting musical colours and idioms blended together in an organic and personal way.


The album is a collaboration with the Danish/Norwegian/Spanish Admeta String Quartet. The four young women of this quartet are remarkable in their open-mindedness and the natural ease with which they switch between classical repertoire, new music and collaborations with artists from other genres. They represent a new generation of classically trained musicians who are much less bound by convention than previous generations, and they exude a joyful, easygoing and unpretentious presence in concert.

CD: Convalescence

Varenr.: JCM065
kr 100,00Pris
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