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3 LP's for the price of 2.


Presenting 3 12" 180gr vinyls by I Just Came From The Moon, I Think You're Awesome and Jakob Sørensen's Bagland.


LP: Hoax

Hoax is the result of an intensive six months, where the band has played concerts in most of Denmark and achieved a unique sound that embraces and extends bassist Frederik Hagner’s compositions.

The music is an expression of a collective musical flow that covers everything from country ballads to ostinato-based improvisation.


LP: Kiss Your Darlings

Kiss Your Darlings is written on a cheap acoustic guitar in the living room of the collective I moved into after my wife and I had been living three years in Malmö.

We had returned home after her studies, and I myself was working on a rather anxious and depressed period. So it feels right for the first time to put words to the tunes I wrote.


LP: Cirkel

Cirkel draws inspiration from the environment at the very top of Denmark, Skagen, back in the start of the 20th century. Back then the painters were attracted by the light of Skagen, and portrayed life and all its moods.

From the small enjoyments to the big questions of life. The same feature surrounds the 10 compositions on Cirkel.

Jaeger Community Bundle #1

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