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Tordenkaffe - Ornithopter

“Tordenkaffe” (translated “Thundercoffee”)

“Tordenkaffe” was recorded on the island of Fanø. Fanø is located outside the town of Esbjerg. The sound engineer was Anders Ørbæk and all the recordings where done live in “Musikken Hus” (translated “House of Music”) in the town of Sønderho. Tordenkaffe was the coffee people drank to keep themselfs awake, to make sure that lightning didn’t strike the old thatched houses. The name came to us naturally after the long sessions in the old house. The sound of the creaking floorboards and the echo of the rooms, takes the listener into the nights where people waited for lightning to strike. It is also permitted, maybe even imposed, to drink a strong cop of coffee whilst listening to the record.

The cover is made by Astrid Jaekel. The inspiration for the cover came from the local arts and surroundings on Fanø, and we think that her pictures frames the music perfectly. 

Scott Westh _trumpet

Jens Bang _trombone

Jakob Retz Johansen _double bass

Daniel Sommer _drums

Opening track, Chinatown.

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