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FrekvensFrekvens. Vandborg. Cover (RGB).

Mathias Jæger _piano and synth

Nis Hellerøe Myrtue _saxophones

Frej Lesner _drums

Tejs Dragheim _double bass

Frekvens Frekvens presents their debut album, Vandborg.

The music is honest and earnest, connecting nordic jazz, contemporary classical music, the Danish songbook, avant-garde jazz and the free approach to music, and with an urge to seek limits. The album got its name from the town on the west coast that have offered room and atmosphere for this album to be made. The music is shaped in and by Vandborg.

The peace and clarity of the Danish West Coast’s is woven into this album. The compositions speak their own language, and tell stories of love, fear, hope and friendship.

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