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Gorm Askjær Secret Safari


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Gorm Askjær Secret Safari consists of a bouquet of fantastic and different musicians in a band that contains both the traditional and the modern, the melodic and the experimental. The band plays original compositions for the jazz quintet with a fresh and personal take on jazz in the 21st century.


Various other influences such as country, surf rock and classical music are involved. Although it is the debut album for the quintet, the album can be seen as a sequel to the bandmaster's trio record from last year, Gorm Askjær Trio: The Blood Moon and You, which has received good reviews both at home and abroad, became the Album of the Week on DR P8 Jazz and came on JazzNyt's list of the 10 best Danish jazz releases in 2020.

The album First Movement is a musical journey into the near: From the splashing of West Jutland surf waves in Cold Hawaii, past three fantastic fantasy dances and what lurks under the veranda, to a trip into the first 16 bars of a Brahms symphony. For the open mind, every place is a treasure trove of new experiences.
About the musicians
Kasper Tranberg has for many years marked himself as one of the foremost jazz trumpeters and improvisers in Denmark. He has played with wide array of artists at home and abroad - among others Marc Ducret, Hugo Rasmussen, Yousef Lateef and Savage Rose.           Christian Vuust known for his soft and swinging saxophone, among other things, Pauseland, Den Danske Salmeduo and in a praised duo collaboration with the American pianist Aaron Parks.

    The rhythm group consists of guitarist and composer Gorm Askjær, double bassist Thomas Sejthen (Indra, Uffe Steen Trio) and drummer Morten Nottelman.

Gorm Askjær _guitar and composition

Thomas Sejthen _double bass

Morten Nottelman _drums

Kasper Tranberg _trumpet

Christian Vuust _saxophone


First album from a new band bringing together five experienced musicians from the Danish jazz scene around the adventurous modern jazz. The listener is invited on a journey up close - a secret safari, not to the savannah of Africa, but to the crashing waves of the North Sea, under the porch of the house or into the first 16 bars of a Brahms symphony.



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