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States Of Being - Bagland

The title States Of Being is an expression of the different states we as humans are in, whether it is mental or physical. The album pays homage to our ability to meet across these different states, where new perspectives can emerge, and where our world suddenly takes on new colors in the face of the other.

Bagland is now ready with their fourth album States of Being. On this release Bagland further develops their sound, which is rooted in nordic jazz. Since the album Cirkel in 2019, the group has integrated electronic audio sources. Bagland explores the genre's framework with synthesizer, effect pedals and electric bass and taps into a playful electronic universe that still has clear references rooted in the nordic sound.


Previously, the orchestra has worked with an acoustic and almost chamber musical sound which is heard on the releases Bagland (2015) and NOMAD (2016). A spacious sound where the interaction is intimate and empathetic. At States Of Being, Bagland expands its understanding of nordic jazz by implementing electronic instruments. Bagland invites Josefine Opsahl (cello) and Anna Jalving (violin) in which forces themselves to rethink their place in the music.


The sound on States Of Being pays homage to human differences and creates space for the band members and their musical nuances.

Jakob Sørensen _trumpet

Alex Jønsson _guitar & pedal steel
Mathias Jæger _synths

Frederiks Sakham _double bass

Frej Lesner _drums

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